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Esra Kaplan stated that they want to take part in the “APPLIED FARMER SCHOOLS” (UÇO), which was established under the leadership of FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) and funded by the EU, as agricultural consultants.

Esra Kaplan, TAR-DER Şanlıurfa Provincial Representative and freelance agriculture consultant, said, “As Şanlıurfa Agricultural Consultants, we are ready to take part in UÇO as trainers and practitioners.”

Esra Kaplan, the Provincial Representative of TAR-DER (Agricultural Extension and Consultancy Services Association) Şanlıurfa and freelance agriculture consultant, made a statement on the subject.

Esra Kaplan noted, “In the first stage, detailed information was given to the trainers who will take part in 31 UÇOs to be established in 10 different provinces, in the workshop held in Mersin and İzmir. As Şanlıurfa Agriculture Consultants, we want to contribute to agriculture by participating in the UÇO project.”

“We, as Şanlıurfa Agricultural Consultants, want to take part in DİTAP (Digital Agriculture Market), UÇO and all kinds of organizations that will support agriculture and producers from now on and assume all resposibilities in this field,” she added…

Source: www.urfahaberci.com

By Mustafa Saim Ayhan


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