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Ankara – Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar stated that free market conditions that prevent fair competition can never be accepted.

Bayraktar said, “There are many producers and a small number of buyers in Antep pistachio, in this situation stability can only be achieved by the presence of an intervention institution”.

Bayraktar noted that there are few buyers in front of many pistachio producers and that these buyers also form a monopolistic structure. Stating that this monopoly structure played all kinds of games on the market, causing speculation on the prices of pistachios, Bayraktar explained:

“This structure makes stock of pistachios produced by our producers who have gone through hell and high water, at low prices at the beginning of the season. Then they derive improper benefit by putting the stocked pistachios on the market at high prices when the product supply ends. This situation adversely affects manufacturers and consumers, especially dessert producers, who use pistachios as raw materials.”

Pointing out that the goverment should see this circumstance clearly, Bayraktar added, “Our goverment should not deliver our producers to buyers who have monopolized pistachio under the name of free market. It must hold the farmer’s hand. As with the hazelnut, the intervention agency should follow the market, announce the price when necessary and regulate the market. Only in this way will the monopolistic approaches in the market be broken and the producer will focus on more production with the awareness that there is a support behind it.”

Bayraktar continued as follows:

“In Antep pistachios, where there are many producers and few buyers, stability can only be achieved by the presence of an intervention agency.

The intervention institution should follow the market, announce prices when necessary and regulate the market”

In the years when the product is abundant, the intervention organization should store the product and put it on the market when it is scarce.

Varieties designed for export should be preferred in the gardens to be established and the image of ‘Turkish Pistachio’ should be created with promotional activities.”

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