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We Should Consume 300 Kilos Milk Equivalent Products Per Year

SETBİR President Tarık Tezel: We should consume at least 300 kilograms of milk equivalent produts per year

Turkey Dairy, Meat, Food Industrialists and Producers Association (SETBİR) Chairman Tarık Tezel has made a written statement.

“In average 270 kg milk equivalent dairy products consumed in Turkey. This amount surpasses the world average, that is 111 kilos according FAO data, but still below the level of developed countries” Tezel said.

“Our goal should be to reach at least 300 kilograms of milk and equivalent dairy products a year, which is the average of developed countries. We must also have sufficient animal resources to achieve this goal. But today in the milk of red meat animals in Turkey, we do not have enough resources. That’s why we import increasing amounts of milk and beef cattle every year. If we do not develop our own animal resource, this import will continue tomorrow” he added.

“Therefore, in any case, in order to meet the animal protein needs of our population, it is necessary to increase the number of animals and to invest in animal husbandry. This investment will not only feed our population with enough animal protein, so healthy generations will need fewer hospitals and less nursing homes” SETBİR Chairman Tarık Tezel concluded…

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