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Press release…

We must plan for the next 20 years and protect our golden product…

Menderes Agriculture District Director Oktay Sezgin said that they are the district with the 3rd largest area of ​​İzmir province.

Pointing out that the Gümüldür-Özdere-Ahmetbeyli line is an area that can summarize Turkiye’s ecosystem, Sezgin said, “The agricultural production pattern in Menderes district is quite rich. Our region, which has a coastline of approximately 45 km to the Aegean, is much more valuable in biodiversity than other regions of our country. In our region, tangerine is the main product. We want to do a whole new transformation here. In the last 200 years, the world population has increased 8 times. Food production/agricultural production increased 30 times. In the next 20 years, the world population will be 10 billion. We must plan for the next 20 years and protect our lands, this main product worth gold.”

We have a potential of 100 thousand tonnes of production capacity…

Sezgin explained, “We should also come together with the citrus producers in the Seferihisar-Selçuk-Menderes regions. We should make our region a less chemically used area. Our Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association is one of the actors of this business. With our farmers, we can produce crops in the standard desired by our exporters. We have tangerine potential that can reach a production capacity of 65-70 thousand -100 thousand tonnes. We produce on an area of ​​15 thousand decares.”

“On the other hand, our female producers established the ‘Orange Hands Agricultural Development Cooperative’. Our family businesses are developing value-added products that can be processed from tangerines. We need to protect and support our family businesses and our cooperatives. In the upcoming period, we will be on the field with products that will become much more brands. Let’s not lose our land to concrete, let’s cooperate,” he added…


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