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Press release…

The Covid-19 virus has changed many habits, as well as threatening the health of humanity. With the development of technology, digitalization and e-commerce pandemic have jumped.

7 percent of world merchandise trade in 2020 contracted 65 percent of e-commerce in Turkey and throughout the world; It grew by 88 percent. It is expected to reach a global volume of 6.5 trillion dollars in 2023.

Before the pandemic, hundreds of millions of consumers who were not familiar with e-commerce started shopping online and paid with their credit cards. Lots of people were introduced to a concept called contactless delivery to his home.

Aegean Exporters’ Associations, wishing to turn the increase in demand for safe food into an opportunity during the pandemic period, signed the “Dubai Food Products Virtual Sectoral Trade Delegation” on 7-9 July 2020, with the support of the Ministry of Trade.

21 food exporters introduced their productions in the sectors of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, olive-olive oil, canned products, seafood, dairy products to prominent buyers in Dubai and Gulf countries and held bilateral business meetings.

Jak Eskinazi, Coordinator Chairperson of Aegean Exporters’ Associations, noted that the digitization moves started in the early 2000s and that they moved many services to the digital environment before the pandemic with the EIBKolay application and that they concentrated on digital marketing during the pandemic process.

“We left our digital footprint in 2020”

Eskinazi said, “We moved the projects we will do due to the pandemic to digital. We established a Digital Transformation Group within the Aegean Exporters’ Associations to accelerate the adaptation of our members to digital transformation. We conducted all our trainings in 2020 online.”

“We set an example for Turkish exporters with virtual fairs and virtual sectoral trade delegations. In 2020, we brought together our trade consultants and exporters in 30 countries, where 55 percent of our exports are made. We created a studio for video conference calls. Our work with digital marketing will continue in 2021. The pandemic will not prevent us from realizing our projects and reaching our goals,” Eskinazi added…

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