Istanbul Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association (İHBİR) announced that it exports to 164 countries according to the November 2020 export report.

Stating that Turkey would never encounter with any food crisis, İHBİR Chairman Haluk Okutur said, “We have farmers demonstrating outstanding efforts and also industrial exporters who deliver our products to tables after having processed. Our country has not encountered a problem on food thanks to the success performed both in food production and supply, it won’t encounter too.”

İHBİR announced that 168.64 million dollars of exports were made in November and that exports were made to 188 countries in the January-November period. It also announced that its exports to the USA increased by 9.57 percent, to Germany by 29.71 percent, to the United Kingdom by 16.57 percent and to Israel by 19.13 percent compared to the same month last year.

“We should assiduously achieve our goals”

Haluk Okutur, Chairman of the Board of İHBİR, stated that the fight against the coronavirus, which has experienced great fluctuations throughout the world, especially in the field of economy during the pandemic process, will continue for a long time and this situation will cause global changes.

Okutur said, “The whole world has better understood the importance of agriculture and sustainability in this difficult process. Being a country that can produce and be self-sufficient with its production is a great advantage. Grain sector, which is among the sectors with the highest exports in the field of agriculture in our country, continued to maintain its rising graphic.”

“While many countries were experiencing a food crisis and empty shelves, such a situation did not occur in our country. We have taken necessary precautions against the risk of the emergence of second wave and other viruses. On the one hand, we must strive to fulfill our goals while taking precautions related to the pandemic and on the other hand, we must continue to produce shortly before we enter the new year,” Okutur noted.

“The export of confectionary products boosted”

Making evaluations on export figures, Haluk Okutur added that a total of 168.64 million dollars was exported to 164 countries in November, and that exports made to 188 countries in the January-November period.

Explaining that the countries and product groups to which the most exports were made, Okutur concluded, “The top 5 countries to which we export the most in November 2020 were the United States, Iraq, Germany, Israel and the United Kingdom. Our exports of pastry products increased by 4.39 percent on value basis, in addition sugary and confectionary products rose by 6.07 percent last month.”

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