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Speaking at the training seminar held for the kitchen and service personnel of the hotels operating in Izmir region, Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Mustafa Özen said, “We exist everywhere in Izmir, where food is bought, sold, transported, stored, processed, served and even wherever there are materials that come into contact with food. We are the guarantee of food safety in Izmir.”

Mustafa Özen

Pointing out that they continue their inspections day and night all over the province, regardless of the weekend, Özen added, “We carried out more than 100 thousand inspections in Izmir in 2021. We also have the responsibility and authority to inspect every business operating in the field of food and beverage in hotels.”

“Although we saw that the food businesses in our city were in very good hygienic condition at the end of the 2021 inspections, businesses that were in violation of the food legislation were also detected. First of all, the purpose of our inspections is to ensure food hygiene and safety. But it is not possible for us to turn a blind eye to businesses that persistently refuse to comply with the legislation. We are imposing necessary sanctions on them.” he concluded.

Afterwards, the technical personnel of the Provincial Directorate provided the hotel staff with training on food hygiene, safe storage of food and food legislation.

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