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Press release…

Olive oil exporters disagree with the ban on the export of bulk and drum olive oil…

Citing the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the increasing oil demand, the Ministry of Trade banned the export of bulk and barreled olive oil at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. According to the resolution, bulk and drum of olive oil can not be exported until October 31, 2021 from Turkey.

Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZİB), the only representative of olive oil exporters in Turkey, showed a strong reaction to the export ban imposed without taking the industry’s opinion and demanded the immediate return. The EZZİB Board of Directors stated that it favours free market rules in the olive oil sector and that it stands against all kinds of prohibitions against free market conditions.

Olive oil prices do not escalate inflation…

EZZİB Board of Directors said, in a written statement, it is a fact that Turkey has an annual consumption of 140 thousand tonnes. We have around 60-70 thousand tonnes of olive oil that can be exported under these conditions. Approximately 55 percent of our exports are made in bulk. Under these circumstances, we do not consider it a right move to ban the export of bulk olive oil. Olive oil does not have an effect that will increase inflation. In addition, there were no big increases in olive oil prices compared to the rise in other vegetable oil prices. “

If prices are desired to be lowered, VAT should be reduced to 1 percent…

Indicating that oil consumption per capita is around 17 litres in Turkey, EZZİB Board of Directors explained, “Olive oil comprises of only a 2-litre share of that consumption. Although there is no increase in olive oil and vegetable oil prices, our suggestion is to reduce the VAT from 8 percent to 1 percent in order to decrease the prices of olive oil and increase its consumption further. In this way, a relief opportunity will arise in favour of our consumers at prices around 2.5 TL per litre.”

EZZIB: “Our main goal is to increase boxed exports”

The Board of Directors of the EZZİB underlined that their main goal as exporters is to increase the export of packed olive oil and added, “Although this is the main target, each company has to meet the different demands that may come from importers. Realizing 55 percent of the world’s olive oil production alone, Spain has exported olive oil in bulk to Italy for many years. In the following years, it acquired Italian brands and reached a certain position in branded exports. Today, 60 percent of Spain’s total exports are still in the form of bulk.”

“As in the example of Spain, our ultimate goal is to increase the share of our boxed exports. On the other hand, companies operating in areas such as catering and canned fish in the world procure a significant amount of olive oil from our country in bulk to be used in their own production. For all these reasons, we want the continuation of bulk and drum olive oil exports. It should be known that among the olive oil producing countries around the world, there is no other country that imposes an export ban on bulk olive oil,” EZZİB concluded…

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