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Şafak Kırbiç, Chairman of the Board of Trakya Birlik (Union of Thrace Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives), said that the Union operates in 13 provinces.

Indicating that the Union has carried out important works with its partners, Kırbiç said, “Trakya Birlik is the sector leader that trades more than 20 percent of the sunflower produced in Turkiye and also the leader in the oil market in Turkiye while having products in one of every 5 households.”

Trakya Birlik Başkanı Kırbiç: Ayçiçeği fiyatları düşmeyecek - Edirne  Haberleri
Şafak Kırbiç

Expressing that they work every year to increase sunflower production, Kırbiç explained, “Sunflower cannot be produced in sufficient quantities across the country. We produce between 55 and 65 percent of the annual demand. Our government is also working on increasing production. We aim to produce all of the country’s sunflower needs. There is no problem in the sunflower production of Thrace, the yields are high in this region. Its production is also high in different regions. We can increase it.”


Expressing that there was a decrease in yield in 2021 due to drought, Kırbiç noted, “However, when we look at the production in general, we think that the yield will rise this year. Sunflower prices have also increased. Hopefully, the prices will reach a level that will satisfy the farmers in the coming periods.”

Stressing that sunflower can grow in all regions of Turkiye, Kırbiç continued as follows: “The price of sunflower had increased due to the coronavirus epidemic and the surge in foreign exchange. Prices fell a little due to the retreat in the dollar rate. It will be balanced with the measures taken in the coming period.”

Pointing out that prices started to settle after the exchange rate regulation, Kırbiç added, “The prices of all agricultural crops, not just sunflower, have increased. Whatever the import cost in the world is, this is what happened in our country. Compared to previous years, the tax was zeroed on sunflower, wheat, corn and crude oil. However, prices in the world rose due to the pandemic. We are of the opinion that the prices will be more specific and settled in the coming period.”

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