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Exporters, who brought 225 billion dollars foreign exchange to Turkey in 2021 and contributed 68 percent to the 7.4 percent growth in the third quarter, came to the point of not being able to give their customers a price or take orders for 2022 due to the extreme fluctuations in exchange rates.

Pointing out that the fluctuation in exchange rates, which turned into a tsunami, has come to a point where it harms trade and exports, Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB) Coordinator Chair Jak Eskinazi warned that if this process is prolonged, it will harm exports.

Eskinazi: In 2022, we will be seeking for 2021

Reiterating that exporters expect a stable exchange rate, Eskinazi said, “Another hardship that our exporters are currently experiencing is the difficulty of accessing credit. Exporters are uneasy about taking orders in this environment and cannot foresee how they will produce and deliver even if they receive orders. Our export-based growth strategy will be adversely affected in 2022. In 2022, we will be seeking for 2021.”

Underlining that there is a price spike from needle to thread due to high exchange rates in the market, Eskinazi concluded his words as follows: “Hikes made due to high exchange rates are not taken back. The goverment, on the other hand, reflected the expected reduction in fuel prices to the Special Consumption Tax (SCT). The markets are based on this. They hide behind the practice of the government.”

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