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The first lemon harvest of the season begins with early Mayer lemons. Mayer lemon, the earliest harvested product of citrus, is expected to be harvested on September 8 and exported as of September 15.

Pointing out that Mayer lemon is a combination of lemon, orange and tangerine, Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters’ Association Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak said, “It is the first lemon of the season to mature with its unique aroma and different colour from September to December. That’s why it’s so precious. The elliptical shape of the flowers on the tree and the smell of the flowers is the biggest feature that distinguishes the mayer lemon from other types.”

“Türkiye carried its lemon exports to 293 million dollars in 2021 with an increase of 7 percent. We ramped up our lemon exports, which was 475 thousand tonnes in 2020, to 624 thousand tonnes in 2021 by increasing 31 percent on quantity basis. In 2022, we will achieve 350 million dollars of lemon exports across the country,” he added…

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