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Believing that one of the most important pillars of sustainability for a green and livable world is to increase organic production and exports, the Turkish organic sector presented Turkish organic foods to the world at the BioFach Organic Products Fair, the biggest meeting of the world organic sector.

Stating that they have an annual production of 1.6 million tonnes of organic food, Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB) Coordinator Chair Jak Eskinazi said that they aim to get a 1 percent share from the organic sector, which has reached a volume of 121 billion Euros worldwide. He also stated that for this purpose, they have organized the National Participation Organization of Türkiye for a quarter of a century for the BioFach Fair held in Istanbul.

“We aim to be among the 3 countries from which the European Union imports the most”

Sharing the knowledge that 49 thousand farmers produce 267 species and 1.6 million tonnes of organic products in 352 thousand hectares of land across the country, EIB Chair Eskinazi said, “The areas allocated for organic production in Türkiye are above the world average with 1.7 percent. We rank 3rd in the EU and 12th in the world in the number of organic producers.”

“Aegean Region is the leader in organic production and export; 75 percent of the country’s organic product exports are carried out from the Aegean Region. We are in the 7th place among the countries that the European Union imports the most, importing nearly 3 million tonnes of organic products annually and our goal is to be in the top three in this list,” he added…

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