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During the pandemic, where every sector was negatively affected and the economy came to a standstill, Ünlü Ziraat invested 30 million TL. Ünlü Ziraat, which started its activities in Manisa province in 1971 and produces an average of 30 thousand agricultural tools per year, especially the plow, took important steps for industry 4.0. Ünlü Ziraat switched to robotic system with an investment of 30 million TL.

Currently, Ünlü Ziraat continue to export agricultural equipment to 27 countries across the world. Halit Ünlü, the founder of the famous brand, emphasized the importance of digitalization in the agricultural sector, 4.0 and beyond and said, “The world is moving to artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture. We, as Turkey, should take the necessary steps. Representatives of each sector should take the target one step further by doing their part. Agriculture is our most important industry. We have seen this during the pandemic process. If we don’t have food, everything stops. In such times of crisis, countries primarily consider their own interests and bring exports to a halt, in a way, they are right. What we have learned from this process is that we need to make up for our inadequacies as soon as possible and not be content with this while carrying forward our targets.”

Ünlü summarized the year-end goals for 2020; zero occupational accidents, no layoffs, high-level personnel satisfaction and providing the highest level of service to our customers with the condition of producing the best quality products.

Stating that due to the pandemic there may be a small deviation in their turnover target, Ünlü explained, “But it does not matter. On the contrary we benefit this position by investing. We get new robots for our production automation and aim to be one of the pioneers of digitalization in agriculture.”

Ünlü finally made the following assessment: “Our employee number is 520. We are actively exporting to 27 countries. These are Turkic Republics, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta), Macedonia, Kosovo, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Ethiopia, Chile, South Korea, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan etc. We mainly export to Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Algeria and Bulgaria. We aim to increase the number of countries we export to 50 in three years.”


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