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A call for healthy food from Uğur Toprak, the Head of Food Engineers İzmir Branch…

Uğur Toprak, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Food Engineers, called for the disclosure of the penalties imposed to prevent fraud in food and said, “With the transparent sharing of the penalties with the public, a great deal can be achieved in the fight against counterfeit and adulteration products.”

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced to the public 559 party products belonging to 371 companies engaged in counterfeit and adulteration. It was revealed that fraud was made in many products such as tea, coffee, spices, herbs, chocolate, cocoa and vegetable oil, especially meat and oil.

Uğur Toprak, Chairperson of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Food Engineers, who offered a new proposal to combat counterfeit and adulteration, explained,

Uğur Toprak

“Imitation and adulteration mostly made in the oil group. It was determined that low quality olive oil or seed or flower oil was added to the olive oils. Meat and meat products were also adulterated. Single hoof meat such as horse, donkey and pig were added to the beef sausage. It was seen that offal was also mixed in it. It is quite inconvenient in terms of food safety.”

“We must fight those who manufacture such products for the sake of food health. The imitation and adulteration revelation window should be kept shorter. 18 months between the last revelation and the previous one. That’s a very long time. When samples were taken from these companies, when the analyzes were made and the minutes after they were annihilated should be announced,” Toprak added.

“More engineers who are experts in the field should be appointed in the organizations within the Ministry. Imitation and adulteration are penalized. When a company commits this crime 3 times, there are demands, all of which are punishable. That should be done too. Imitation and adulteration lists should be published as soon as possible. Penalties applied should also be published. In this way, counterfeiting and adulteration can be combated,” Toprak concluded…

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