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The first plant for the industrialisation of cannabis is established…

Keneviro, which invests in the processing and industrialisation of industrial hemp in Türkiye, is launching the first integrated facility from seed to final product established in Black Sea province of Samsun’s Havza OIZ with 30 million dollars. Keneviro Chairperson Uğur Balkuv said, “We aim to plant 35 thousand decares of hemp and flax in 2025.”

Uğur Balkuv

Following Türkiye’s decision to re-introduce industrial hemp production in 2019, initiatives investing in agriculture and industry began to emerge.

Keneviro, which invests in an integrated facility in this regard, is establishing the production chain from seed to final product with the hemp processing factory that will be put into operation in January with an investment of 30 million dollars in Samsun Havza OSB (Organized Industrial Zone). The company, which conducts R&D in the fields of chemistry, textile and construction with universities, will produce raw and dyed fibre, dyed and raw yarn, litter, 100 percent natural cat litter and animal litter in its facility established in Samsun region.

Industrial hemp, which enables the production of more than 100 different products from textile to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, construction, automotive and other sectors, is currently only allowed to be produced in 20 provinces. UOB Group, which operates in the textile sector and employs 1,800 people, also focused on hemp production under the Keneviro brand.


“We planted cannabis with 301 farmers”

Keneviro announced its new period targets with a hemp harvest and information meeting with the participation of farmers cultivating hemp in the region in Amasya’s Suluova district. Uğur Balkuv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Keneviro, said that industrial hemp offers the potential to export 100 percent with zero imports, independent of imports and added that their investments are a national project…

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