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Ufuk Atakan Demir: We aim to reach 2 billion dollars in aquaculture exports

Press release…

“Our target for Türkiye-wide aquaculture exports is 2 billion dollars”

Ufuk Atakan Demir, Board Member of Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association and Head of Izmir Aquaculture and Producers’ Association, said that our target in Türkiye-wide aquaculture exports is to reach 2 billion dollars.”

Ufuk Atakan Demir

Stating that Türkiye’s aquaculture production and exports have come a long way especially with the investments made in recent years, he said, “The fact that Turkish entrepreneurs have brought the world’s most modern and integrated facilities in the aquaculture and animal products sector to our country in the last 20-25 years is one of the factors that ramp up exports. In 2024, we aim to direct the products of our sector to an important potential market with various projects to be planned for Africa, which is among our priority markets.”

“We promoted our sector abroad with our info-booths and tasting events we organised at fairs we participated in all over the world, from China to the USA, from Russia to France, from Spain to Singapore. We aspire to continue our activities with the same performance in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Panama, Algeria, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt,” he added.

“In order to increase our efforts to exhibit Turkish fish in America, the European Union and China, we plan to join forces with the unions in the Aegean, Istanbul, Mediterranean and Eastern Black Sea regions and launch a Turquality project exclusively for aquaculture products,” he concluded…

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