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Press release…

Davut Er, Chairperson of the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZİB), said that Turkish olive oil is promoted in the USA in the TURQUALITY Project, where 6 food exporters’ associations within the body of Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB) promote Turkish food products in the United States.

Davut Er said, “With the driving force of our TURQUALITY Project, our olive oil exports to the USA soared by 36 percent and increased from 33.4 million dollars to 45.6 million dollars. The share of the USA in our total exports has increased from 30 percent to 34 percent.”

Olive oil exporters want to export duty-free to the UK…

Giving the information that England has an annual consumption of 75 thousand tonnes of olive oil, Er said that after BREXIT, a bilateral agreement similar to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), through which Turkey can export duty-free olive oil to the UK, will greatly benefit the Turkish olive oil industry and that they can get a share from the British market as the sector.

Supports given to producers and exporters should be expanded…

Emphasizing that Turkey’s olive tree wealth has doubled from 90 million to 180 million in the last 20 years, Er continued his words as follows: “We expect significant gains in Turkey’s olive oil and table olive yields in the next 4-5 years. Since it is not possible to increase our domestic consumption at the same rate, exports will be of vital importance for the product we produce to turn into added value. For this reason, we want the support given to our producers for olive oil to be heightened to 3 TL per kilo, to 75 kurush from 15 kurush support given for grain olives and the support for packaged olive oil to be increased to 600 dollars, as in previous years. If the support given to our sector is boosted, we can reach an export figure of 1.5 billion dollars in the medium term with the rise in the yield.”

“While Turkey exported olive oil to 130 countries in the 2020/21 season, the most exported country after the USA was Spain with 20 million 641 thousand dollars and Japan with 11 million 784 thousand dollars,” Er added.

“The most striking increase in olive oil exports was to Iran. Our olive oil exports to Iran, which was 478 thousand dollars in the 2019/20 season, rose by 957 percent in the 2020/21 season to 5 million 50 thousand dollars,” Er concluded…

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