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With Solar Power Plants (GES) projects, it will be ensured that the electricity energy obtained from the sun by the farmers of the region will be brought together with fertile soils.

Ongoing Solar Power Plants (GES) projects, with the aim of increasing domestic and renewable energy potential, continue in Şanlıurfa province.

Thousands of decares of land are irrigated with water drawn from dams and wells with the electricity generated by the solar power plants installed both on the irrigation channels and on the lands both mobile and permanently.

Uninterrupted energy for 14 hours!

Continuing his work as the head of the department within the GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Agricultural Research Institute in Şanlıurfa, Ümran Atay said, “We have been doing different projects on solar energy irrigation since 2007. One of our priority projects is the Mobile Solar Cell Irrigation Machine. The feature of this machine can follow the sun and work for more than 12 hours. In June, agricultural irrigation can be carried out with uninterrupted production up to 14 hours, especially due to the high level of solar energy in the region.”

Atay noted, “With our other projects established in Şanlıurfa, we find uninterrupted irrigation by running modern irrigation systems with the electricity we generate from solar energy in the region with high potential.”

“On the other hand one of our projects, which is a first in the world today, is the covering of irrigation canals extending from Şanlıurfa to Mardin with solar energy panels. With these projects, significant energy contribution will be provided to the country’s economy,” Atay added…


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