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TürkTraktör, the first manufacturer of the Turkish automotive industry and the leading company in agricultural mechanisation, supports the growth of start-ups operating in this field in order to accelerate technology integration in agriculture. TürkTraktör realised its first initiative in this direction with its investment in Agrovisio, which provides digital decision-making services to farmers.


Stating that they have been working for 69 years in line with the aim of ‘TürkTraktör Prepares for the Future’, TürkTraktör Company Leader Aykut Özüner said that they always support innovative applications and ideas needed in technological transformation, especially in agriculture in Türkiye.

Pointing out that agriculture has become more important all over the world with the climate change and pandemic process, the impact of which is rising day by day, Özüner said, “As TürkTraktör, we continue to shape the future with the strength we draw from our past as we move step by step towards our 70th anniversary. In line with our sustainability strategy, which we call ‘Impact on the Future’, we approach agriculture and cities from a new perspective.”

“We see the future of agriculture in technological, sustainable and efficient practices, and we work with all our strength to realise these practices. In addition to our own ecosystem, we follow technological initiatives and evaluate investment opportunities to support innovative solutions in all our spheres of influence. In this direction, we support start-ups that endeavour to offer solutions in the field of agricultural technologies,” Özüner added.


“We took the first step with an investment of 260 thousand Euros in Agrovisio. We believe that this venture, which we also see as a strategic partnership, will play an important role in developing TürkTraktör’s product range in the future. We will continue to offer new products that will provide the technological transformation that our farmers need,” Özüner concluded.

About Agrovisio;

Agrovisio, an Estonia-based start-up, was established in 2017. The company, which works in Middle East Technical University (METU) Teknokent in Ankara, provides digital decision-making services to farmers by providing satellite cultivated area detection, yield estimation, harvest detection, plant health monitoring with image processing technology supported by patented artificial intelligence. Agrovisio received an investment of EUR 260 thousand from TürkTraktör in this investment round with a company valuation of EUR 4 million…

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