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TürkTraktör realises 68 percent of Turkey’s total tractor production and 86 percent of tractor exports by itself. TürkTraktör has also achieved success in domestic production of construction equipments which started in 2020.

The company, which produced 34,337 tractors in total last year, increased its production by 51 percent and reached a total sales figure of 22,384 units in the domestic market.

According to the results announced at the meeting attended by TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner and TürkTraktör Assistant General Manager for Financial Affairs, Federico Pamfili, TürkTraktör exported 12,553 tractors.

Aykut Özüner

TürkTraktör transported the tractors produced in Turkey from the USA to Japan and has reached more than 130 countries. Due to the significant rise in production, TürkTraktör increased its turnover by 64 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, to 6 billion 243 million TL.

The net profit of the company was 776 million TL with a rise of 594 percent compared to the previous year. Stating that they expanded their share in the tractor market from 45 percent to 49 percent, Aykut Özüner said that they will renew the machine park in the factory.

In the meantime investment expenditures of the company are expected to be between 250 and 320 million TL. Emphasizing that they aimed to ensure sustainability in agricultural production during the pandemic period, Özüner noted, “We have prioritized supporting our farmers who work devotedly in every field in order to ensure uninterrupted food supply. We sold 150 backhoe loaders in the first year of our production of domestic backhoe loaders. Our construction equipment sales soared by 58 percent. In 2021, we aim to reflect our success in the tractor field to construction equipment and to continue by multiplying our growth in this area.”

Federico Pamfili

Explaining that they are ready for the new emission transition to be implemented in the sector, Özüner added, “General growth trend in the market will continue, the tractor market, which was 48 thousand in 2020, will be 53-59 thousand this year and the domestic market sales will be 26 thousand – 29 thousand 500.”

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