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TÜRKŞEKER (Turkey Sugar Factories) started purchasing maize and sunflower within the scope of contracted agriculture that it put into practice this year in the cereals and food sector as well as beet.

According to the statement made by TÜRKŞEKER, it was reported that the company’s target in sugar production approached 1 million tons.

TÜRKŞEKER General Manager Mücahit Alkan, whose views were quoted in the statement, stated that beet, maize and sunflower purchases started as of the beginning of September.

Indicating that they first started beet purchases in Malatya and Ereğli regions, Alkan said, “We have bought 40 thousand tons of beets, 27 thousand tons of which are in Ereğli and 12 thousand tons in Malatya.

Pointing out that the cutting process of beets has begun, Alkan noted, “After cutting beets, we will obtain sherbet from beet and sugar from sherbet. We aim to produce 950 thousand tons of sugar by processing 7 million 300 thousand tons of beets in our 15 sugar factories by the end of the year.”

Target in maize is 400 thousand tons…

Reminding that TÜRKŞEKER also started to purchase maize to be used in the feed industry, Alkan explained, “Purchases will continue until the end of the harvest season. We have purchased 2 thousand 727 tons of maize so far. We first started maize purchases in Malatya province. Until the end of the year, we plan to buy 400 thousand tons of maize in the regions where our 15 sugar factories have been operating.”

20 thousand tons of sunflower will be bought…

Expressing that sunflower purchases have also started, Alkan added, “So far, 100 tons of sunflower have been purchased through Ereğli and Ilgın sugar factories. All products have been purchased at their worth. In addition to Ereğli and Ilgın, we plan to purchase 20 thousand tons from Eskişehir, Ankara and Çarşamba regions until the end of the harvest period. Crops to be purchased will be converted into sunflower oil by our industrialists.”

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