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A revenue of 181 million 133 thousand dollars was obtained from pistachio exports from Türkiye to 104 countries in 2022.

İsa Kızıldemir

Şanlıurfa Commodity Exchange Assembly Chair İsa Kızıldemir said that they expect the pistachio harvest to double in the coming periods with the increasing number of trees in their region and this situation will bring the export figures to more serious dimensions.

Pistachio, which is among the constant tastes of Turkish cuisine in almost every field from desserts to meals, from chocolate to cookies, is mostly grown in Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep provinces.

According to the information compiled from the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association (GAİB) data, 208 million 371 thousand dollars worth of pistachios were exported in 2021.

Last year, 19,138 tonnes of pistachios were exported to 104 countries including Italy, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Product, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, People’s Republic of China, Qatar, Singapore, Nigeria, Malaysia, Japan, Cuba, Senegal and Ireland. In return, a revenue of 181 million 133 thousand dollars was obtained.

Italy is one of the countries that Türkiye exported the most pistachios. In this framework, the country sold pistachios worth 37 million 118 thousand dollars to Italy last year. Germany followed Italy with 29 million 751 thousand dollars and Kyrgyzstan with 15 million 858 thousand dollars…

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