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Trabzon, 18 August, 2023

Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB said that 935 tonnes of periwinkles (sea snails) were exported from Türkiye in 7 months.

Stating that 9 million 765 thousand 9 dollars were obtained from the said export, Gürdoğan reminded that the export of periwinkles surged by 26 percent in quantity and 100 percent in income compared to the same period of last year, when 741 tonnes of periwinkle exports brought in 4 million 891 thousand 943 dollars.

Gürdoğan emphasised that the most periwinkles from Türkiye were exported to the Republic of South Korea with 4 million 184 thousand 235 dollars and said, “This country was followed by the People’s Republic of China with 2 million 277 thousand 369 dollars, Japan with 1 million 535 thousand 4 dollars, Spain with 1 million 452 thousand 435 dollars, Taiwan with 308 thousand 522 dollars, Georgia with 4 thousand 794 dollars and Azerbaijan-Nahcivan with 2 thousand 650 dollars.”

Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan

Pointing out that 61 percent of the income obtained from periwinkle exports in 7 months was provided from the Black Sea, Gürdoğan added, “529 tonnes of periwinkles were exported from the Black Sea to 6 countries, especially the Republic of South Korea and 5 million 975 thousand 655 dollars were earned. In the same period of 2022, 3 million 54 thousand 863 dollars obtained from 435 tonnes of periwinkle exports from the region. Accordingly, exports from the region increased by 21 percent in quantity and 96 per cent in revenue.”

Gürdoğan also pointed out that the product in question provides a significant amount of foreign currency inflow to the country and the region and noted that it is important for the public to adapt the legislation according to the conditions of the day and to pave the way for exporters…

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