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Country’s first climate council shows it takes climate change seriously, says UN envoy in Turkiye…

KONYA, Turkiye

Turkiye’s efforts toward green development will be of great benefit not only to the country but, of course, the region and globally as well, said UN Resident Coordinator in Turkiye Alvaro Rodriguez on Tuesday.

The country’s first climate council shows it takes climate change seriously, said Rodriguez in an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency.

'Turkiye's green revolution move to benefit not itself but region'
Alvaro Rodriguez

“We also must remember Turkiye has ratified the Paris Agreement and it will open the door for this very important G20 country to undertake a wide range of activities to address climate change,” he explained.

The country may have signed and ratified the Paris Agreement just last year, but it has been engaged in climate mitigation and adaptation for decades, he underlined.

According to Rodrigez, of the two issues that confront Turkiye, one is more internal and that is the dependence on fossil fuels, and particularly coal.

“I think that needs to change,” he said.

Pointing that climate-related crisis might have a negative impact on the country, he added, “Turkiye also sits in a very interesting neighborhood with many neighboring countries, and is in a sense a hub for many migration flows.”

He said, “it is very likely” the country will be impacted by those migration flows in the years and decades to come.

Climate diplomacy emerges as important topic

He also noted climate change is one of the areas that has changed the priorities of the multilateral system dramatically, therefore, the work that the United Nations does worldwide.

“One area, for example, that greatly concerns us is the fact that wild population movements for internally displaced people and refugees have traditionally been the result of conflict,” he added.

Now we see people moving because of climatic emergencies, and “we expect that in the next couple of decades, a quarter of a billion people will probably be moving between them within countries to try and find a better livelihood better opportunities for their children.”

Türkiye'nin ilk İklim Şurası Konya'da başladı

“So I think what some called climate diplomacy will certainly become a much more important topic in the years to come,” he concluded.

Turkiye’s first climate council kicked off in the central province of Konya with the aim of establishing a roadmap in line with the Paris Agreement to reach net-zero emissions by 2053.

The Climate Law, National Contribution Statement and Long-Term Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan will be completed with the decisions to be taken at the end of the council.

The country is also expected to submit its updated nationally determined contributions at the 27th Conference of Parties (COP27), which will take place in Egypt this year, where green financing will be among the main topics.

A climate law, which is set for completion this year, is regarded as another milestone in the fight against climate change.

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