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Images shared by the General Directorate of Forestry this week show the progress in Turkey’s efforts to replenish areas that fell victim to last year’s forest fires. Barren land has lost its pale hue as saplings planted after the fires rapidly grow.

The country was hit by the worst wildfires in its recent history throughout the summer of 2021. Flames gripped every patch of land, home to forests during the high season for fires. Wildfires, common in Turkey, turned out to be more devastating due to the impact of climate change, which raised temperatures and brought stronger winds that challenged the extinguishing efforts.

An aerial view of replenished forest, in the Datça district, in Muğla, southwestern Turkey, May 5, 2022. (IHA PHOTO)

The government has pledged to replenish the burned forests, denying allegations that the fire sites would be opened for residential development. Later last year, the first mass planting campaigns were launched in burned forests.

In the southern province of Mersin, 34 tons of red pine seeds were planted in burned areas, along with 653,000 saplings. By autumn, authorities plan to plant 847,000 more saplings. The efforts cover an area of 9,500 hectares, which were affected by the fires in the province’s Silifke, Aydıncık, Gülnar and Anamur districts. Replenishment work follows rehabilitation and cleaning efforts. The planted saplings will benefit local farmers as part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s scheme to create income-generating forests.


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