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Türkiye surpasses 1 billion dollars in organic product exports!

Press release…

Turkish organic sector’s new export target is 2 billion dollars…

  • Türkiye, which produces 1.6 million tonnes of organic products in 268 different products, mainly dry, fresh and frozen fruits and cotton, has exceeded 1 billion dollars in foreign currency income from the export of these products.
  • Exporters, anticipating that the organic product market will grow significantly with the EU’s Green Deal targets, focused on promotions at international fairs
  • Mehmet Ali Işık, Head of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association: “We are ramping up our product diversity day by day. Our organic product exports exceeded 1 billion dollars. Our goal is to boost our organic product exports to 1.5 billion dollars in the first stage and then to 2 billion dollars.”

“Türkiye, which has surpassed the annual export limit of 1 billion dollars with 1.6 million tonnes of production in organic certified products that do not use chemical fertilisers and pesticides, aims to generate 1.5 billion dollars in foreign currency from organic products thanks to the green agriculture movement that has become widespread around the world,” Işık said.

Pointing out that Türkiye, which organically produces 268 different products from dried fruits to olive oil, from cereals to cotton on 311 thousand hectares of land, ranks 4th in Europe with approximately 53 thousand organic product farmers, Işık noted, “Exporters, who anticipate that the market will grow rapidly as countries such as the EU, the USA and the Far East set a target to grow their organic sectors with green agriculture projects, are increasing their effectiveness in international fairs.”

Mehmet Ali Işık

“Exporters, who have completed their preparations for the BioFach Fair in Germany, which is shown as the world’s largest meeting point for organic products, plan to return with new connections from the fair to be organised in Nuremberg between 13-16 February,” Işık added.

A total of 37 Turkish companies will introduce their products and projects and reflect their claims in the field of green agriculture at the BioFach Fair, which is organised by the Aegean Exporters’ Association’s 2024 National Participation Organisation…

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