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Türkiye has drawn a roadmap for its fight against climate change, containing 217 decision steps under seven titles.

The roadmap has been determined following three months of studies carried out by Climate Council organized by the Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry.

While 76 of the decisions determined were on the topics of transportation, industry, agriculture and waste reduction, 34 were about science and technology.

In addition to 21 “green financing” and carbon pricing decisions, 20 decisions on adaptation to climate change, 24 decisions on local governments, and 42 decisions on health, education, just transition mechanism, climate justice and climate migration were determined.

Under the title of “energy,” where a necessity for 14 actions was stated, the preparation of a long-term energy plan to reach the net zero emission target, and the increase of renewable energy capacity and incentives were pointed out.

While there is a view that it is not enough for Türkiye to make investments in renewable energy to reach its 2053 net zero emission target, the exit step from coal-based power plants was not included in the council decisions.

“Studies should be carried out in order to reduce the emission originating from electricity generation in a way that carbon capture technologies in electricity production from coal will also be evaluated,” said the council, instead.

Roadmaps should be prepared for the transition to low-carbon production, according to the council.

“The share of rail and seaway in freight shipment and passenger transportation should be increased,” the council said, adding that an ecosystem-oriented food production model should be created with an integrated approach in agriculture, and sustainable food systems to be established by increasing efficiency.

“Chemical fertilizers and plant protection products should be consumed efficiently,” said the council, while emphasizing that agricultural production methods and technologies that reduce greenhouse gasses should be widespread.

“Nature-based solution applications should be increased, ecosystem-based forestry practices should be strengthened,” the council said. “The number of tools, equipment and personnel employed in firefighting should be increased.”

The Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry held Türkiye’s first Climate Council in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, one of the Turkish provinces most affected by climate change.

The council brought together nearly 1,000 government officials, academics, businesspeople, and non-governmental organizations to lay out the country’s roadmap to meet its 2053 net zero emission and green development targets.

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