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Türkiye is losing its competitiveness in salmon exports!

The negative effect of foreign currency in exports started to be reflected in the aquaculture sector.

It is stated that due to the high production costs in Türkiye, especially Turkish salmon exports slowed down, could not compete in the market and started to move away from the market.

Türkiye is losing its competitiveness especially in Turkish salmon exports due to high production costs. Sector representatives stated that Turkish salmon is currently purchased from the producer at 3 euros and will be purchased at 2.7 euros from next month. There is an increase in production, but exports are not growing at the same rate. More than 15 thousand tonnes of Turkish salmon produced and cleaned last year are waiting to be exported in cold storage.

The export rise of approximately 50 percent in Turkish salmon exports in 2022 was replaced by an almost stagnation in 2023. In 2023, exports of 76.8 thousand tonnes reached 441.3 million dollars with an 8.3 percent hike in revenue. The average export per kilogram was 5.75 dollars.

The country’s exports of fisheries and aquaculture products soared by 5 percent to 1 billion 597.5 million dollars in 2023. In January this year, exports amounted to 36.7 million dollars against approximately 8 thousand tonnes…

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