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Türkiye has 3,703 endemic species!

Türkiye, which has forest, mountain, steppe, wetland, coastal and marine ecosystems as a result of changes in climatic and geographical characteristics at short intervals, is home to 3,703 endemic species, of which 3,497 are plants and 206 are animals.

According to the information compiled from the National Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring Project (UBENIS) data of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the occasion of ‘22 May International Biological Diversity Day’, on a global scale, biological diversity provides a great power and opportunity to countries, especially in terms of genetic resources.

Türkiye, due to its geographical structure and various ecological conditions, is located in a position where many important gene or origin centres of the world overlap.

Various projects such as carrying out inventory and monitoring studies at national level and establishing databases on biological diversity have been implemented to serve the conservation and sustainable use of this biological diversity in the country.

With these studies, while there are 12,500 open and closed-seeded plant species in the whole of Europe, approximately 11,700 species were identified in Anatolia alone.

The Ministry prepared the National Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring Project (UBENIS) in order to reveal the biological diversity in question, monitor its progress and eliminate inventory deficiencies.

Within the scope of the project, studies on Türkiye’s biodiversity inventory, vascular plants, mammals, birds, inland water fish, reptiles and bivalves were carried out. The biodiversity inventory was created to cover all ecosystems across the country.

There are 3 thousand 703 endemic species across the country…

There are 3 thousand 703 endemic species (taxa) throughout the country, 428 of which are local and 3 thousand 275 are regional, of which 3 thousand 497 are vascular plants, 163 are inland water fish, 19 are reptiles, 15 are amphibians and 9 are mammals…

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