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Türkiye accounts for 90 percent of the world’s oregano production!

Oregano (thyme) harvest started early in Eastern Aegean province of Denizli. Denizli meets 89.6 percent of oregano production and has an important place in the world crop trade. In 2024, 12-14 thousand tonnes of thyme yield is expected.

The first and only country that comes to mind when it comes to oregano in the world, about 90 percent of Türkiye’s production of geographical indication certified Denizli oregano, this year the harvest started early.

Oregano, which has many areas of use, especially in the spice, medicine, cosmetics and chemistry sectors, has a very important place in the foreign trade of medicinal and aromatic plants of the country. The foreign trade volume of oregano in the world is around 25 thousand tonnes including those collected from nature.

Approximately 75 percent of this crop is met by Türkiye. In 2023, 16 thousand 966 tonnes of the crop and 68.5 tonnes of oregano oil were exported, generating an income of 55.2 million dollars. According to these data, Denizli region has a special place in world oregano production and trade. The crop produced in Denizli is exported to many countries of the world, especially to the USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Japan and Australia.

On the other hand, in 2024, prices are expected to be around 40-50 TL per kilogram depending on the quality and yield of the product in the oregano market, which is foreseen to yield around 12-14 thousand tonnes from approximately 150 thousand decares of land…

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