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Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Deputy Chairperson of Eastern Black Sea Exporters’s Association (DKİB), said that they export the Turkish salmon to many countries but it is mostly exported to the Russian Federation as it is enjoyed by the Russian people and Vietnam, the second most exported country, processes the product into sushi and then sends it to Japan.

Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan

Gürdoğan said, “Fisheries crafting is highly developed and low cost in Vietnam.”

Pointing out that with the UR-GE (Product development) project they developed as DKİB, Gürdoğan explained, “We are working to increase the exports of the companies in the sector to higher levels, to export the products by subjecting them to more advanced processing and to enter new markets, and also to increase the breeding further and to solve the problems experienced at these stages.”

“We will make efforts to establish a Fisheries Organized Industrial Zone in Trabzon province, where advanced and value-added product processing and fry fish production will be carried out in the sector,” Gürdoğan added…

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