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In 2022, Türkiye earned 1.7 billion dollars from the export of fishery products. Exported to 103 countries, Turkish salmon was the most profitable aquaculture product with an income of 312.2 million dollars.
According to the data of the General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture; production, which was 89.7 tonnes in 1950, broke a record in 2022 and reached 850 thousand tonnes. In the same year, 90.1 percent of the 335 thousand 3 tonnes of fishery production was obtained from the seas and the rest from inland waters. Of the sea catch, 254 thousand 535 tonnes of sea fish and 47 thousand 212 tonnes of shellfish and other aquaculture products were obtained.


Aquaculture production, which was 61 thousand tonnes in 2002, reached 515 thousand tonnes in 2022. The 71.4 per cent of the export amount of aquaculture products was provided by trout, Turkish salmon, sea bream, sea bass and bluefin tuna species. In 2022, 1 billion 652 million 15 thousand 834 USD value was obtained from exports to 103 different countries. Russia ranked first with 296.8 million dollars, Italy 179.1 million dollars, England 158.5 million dollars, the Netherlands 137.4 million dollars and Greece 111.5 million dollars. Turkish salmon exported to 103 countries was the aquaculture product that provided the highest return with 312.2 million dollars…

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