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The interest in Turkish fruit juices continues to increase day by day. Turkish companies’ exports to the world are also increasing.

Oğuz Gıda, one of the beverage producers, announced that they export to 103 countries on all continents. Drawing attention to the fact that 15 percent of their total production consists of exports, the company also announced which drink the countries demand the most.

Most export to Iran…

Stating that the Arabian peninsula always prefers sugary products, the firm explained that the peninsula is mostly interested in grape, peach and orange drinks.

Announcing that they aim to export 25 percent of the total business volume in the first place, the company drew attention to the fact that they export the most to Iran, which demands 4 containers of energy drinks per week. Oğuz Gıda stated that the Far East is also a big market for them.

Expressing that due to its unique taste of the grown fruit in Turkey with the Turkish fruit juice is high demand from around the world, CEO of Oğuz Food Enes Örer said, “Turkish juice industry has more advanced technology and flavour in many countries across the world.”

“Market share of Turkish fruit juices to increase by folding”

Emphasizing that Turkey is almost a brand in quality and delicious juice production, Enes Örer noted, “Thanks to the progress of the Turkish juice industry, manufacturers are sending the fruit juice made from delicious fruits grown in our country to every corner of the world. Our juices represent Turkey as a flavour envoy throughout the world.”

Indicating that many countries are refreshed with Turkish fruit juices especially in the summer months, Örer added, “We are making very serious R&D investments in order to renew ourselves and develop innovative products both as a sector and as a company. The market share of Turkish fruit juices will increase exponentially in the coming years.”

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