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Turkish fishermen to cast nets to the Chinese market!

Competing with Norwegian producers in Europe, the Turkish aquaculture sector has accelerated its efforts to ramp up its exports to over 2 billion dollars this year. The sector, which wants to overcome the price pressure in Russia and Japan with alternative markets, is preparing to enter the world giant China.

Turkish seafood

Türkiye’s power in the market of aquaculture products, one of the most traded food products in the world, is rising rapidly. Ranking 26th in the world in aquaculture exports, Türkiye exports 80 per cent of its production to countries such as Japan and Russia, especially Europe. The target this year is to reach 2 billion dollars in aquaculture exports, which was 1.7 billion dollars last year. Turkish fishermen, who want to maintain their share in Europe, their main market, also want to export products to alternative markets such as China, Thailand and Poland.

Oğulcan Kemal Sagun, Vice President of the Istanbul Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association (İSHİB), said that their two main markets, especially in Turkish salmon, are Russia and Japan with 80 per cent share.

“But problems with price impositions start here. Therefore, we need to go to alternative countries such as China,” Sagun said.

Oğulcan Kemal Sagun

“We will introduce to supermarket buyers”

Sagun also announced that they will participate in one of the world’s leading fish fairs to be held in Shanghai in August and organise a promotion night for Turkish seafood products, adding that they will introduce Turkish seafood products to Chinese supermarket buyers.

“China is the biggest producer and exporter as well as the biggest buyer in the aquaculture sector. China, which is an important market for Türkiye, is also a major competitor in markets such as Japan, USA and South Korea. According to 2022 figures, the monetary value of world aquaculture exports is 176 billion dollars,” Sagun added…

By Nurdoğan Arslan Ergün,

Source: dunya.com

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