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Humanity, which clings to life with breast milk from the first day it came to life, has been meeting its protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals needs from milk and dairy products for thousands of years.

The Turkish dairy industry transforms humanity’s need for milk and dairy products into foreign currency. The Turkish dairy products sector, which brought 438 million dollars of foreign currency to Turkiye with an increase of 47 percent in 2021, hiked its exports to 300 million dollars with an rise of 95 percent in the 5 months of 2022. The sector aims to export 1 billion dollars in 2023.

Bedri Girit, Chairman of the Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, stated that Turkiye has stepped up in the export of dairy products and emphasized that the sector has achieved an export of 580 million dollars in the last 1-year period.

“We meet the protein, calcium, vitamin and mineral needs of humanity for three meals a day from milk and dairy products. Who drinks milk will be healthy and protected from diseases. We produce milk and milk products that are as healthy as breast milk and export them all over the world,” Girit added.

“Our dairy products sector stepped up in exports. The exports of our dairy products sector in the last 1-year period reached 581 million dollars. Our aquaculture and poultry industries earn the country more than 1 billion dollars in foreign currency. In 2023, we aim to make our dairy products sector one of the sectors that earn more than 1 billion dollars in foreign currency for our country,” Girit concluded…

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