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Press release…

The brand “Turkish Coffee Lady”, which started the first authentic Turkish coffee chain that supports women’s entrepreneurship in the USA, was selected as the “2022 Success Story” of the state of Virginia in the 5th year of its establishment.

Gizem Şalcıgil White, the founder of the brand, which was deemed worthy of this achievement by the “Small Business Support Institution” (SBDC), has been traveling the world city by city to build cultural bridges between Turkish and foreign communities since 2009.

Gizem Şalcıgil White made important statements about Turkish coffee…

White said, “The primary goal of our Turkish Coffee Lady initiative is, increasing the gastronomic value of Turkish coffee culture, which is our 500-year-old heritage, making coffee associations with Türkiye in minds by making effective promotion and contributing to the brand value of our country”.

“By building cultural bridges with foreign societies in our promotions, we emphasize that our coffee is the world’s first method of cooking coffee and that it is a very important cultural heritage that has changed history,” she added.

Pointing out that they explain the culture of Turkish coffee has been instrumental in the beginning of the coffee industry, which is currently worth 100 billion dollars, she also underlined that they have been working for the ‘Worldwide Branding of Turkish Coffee Culture’.

White also drew attention to the fact that they aim to encourage the women entrepreneurs in foreign markets and to support startups in the food sector in America with mentorship programmes, while conducting pioneering work on keeping the Turkish coffee culture alive through the “Turkish Coffee Lady Foundation”, the world’s first coffee diplomacy foundation.

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