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Turkey’s Tropical Fruit Exports Increased by 38 percent in the Last 3 Years…

According to the statement made by the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (EYMSİB), Turkey exported 6 million 461 thousand dollars of tropical fruit to 57 countries and regions last year.

EYMSİB Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak stated that the way of branding in agriculture and food is to produce value-added products and to produce what the world demands.

Uçak said, “Turkey has become a country that exports tropical fruits to 57 different countries and regions at the moment. Our tropical fruit exports are 4 million 690 thousand dollars in 2018, 5 million 110 thousand dollars in 2019 and 6 million 461 thousand dollars in 2020. We are gradually expanding our value-added chain by expanding the variety of tropical fruits grown and exported in our country.”

“We have started this journey with kiwi and avocado and crops such as dragon fruit, passionfruit, carambola, papaya, mangost, guava pear, mango, pineapple, coconut, blueberry, kumquat. We have managed to rise our crop range in tropical fruits. With its climate, soil, biodiversity and geographical location, Turkey is in a position to reach more markets with its new alternative products as well as traditional products and to carry its exports to higher levels by adhering to planned, programmed and good agricultural practices,” Uçak added.

“We believe that the agricultural products export of Turkey will increase to 30 billion dollars with the activation of specialized organized industrial zones based on agriculture,” Uçak concluded.

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