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Turkey top producer of hazelnuts, cherries, figs and apricots

One of the leading countries in Europe and the world in agricultural production, Turkey is the top producer and exporter of hazelnuts, cherries, figs and apricots, according to a statement released by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.

“Turkey is the world leader in the production and export of hazelnuts, cherries, figs and apricots,” Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said in the statement. “We generated 2.17 billion dollars in total export revenue from these products alone.” Pakdemirli said Turkey’s national agricultural income rose from TL 37 billion to TL 213.4 billion in the last 16 years. “In this period, fruit production increased from 13.3 million tons to 22.3 million tons, vegetable production from 25.8 million tons to 30 million tons, and field crop production from 58 million tons to 64.4 million tons.”

“Our total crop production rose from 98 million tons to 117 million tons,” the agriculture and forestry minister said, stressing that this increase in production had a positive impact on exports.

“Our export of agricultural products increased to 17.7 billion dollars in 2018,” Minister Pakdemirli continued. “Our country is the world leader in the production and export of hazelnuts, cherries, figs, and apricots. We generated a total export revenue of 2.17 dollars billion from these products alone. In 20 products, we are in the top four in the world. Turkey, which provides 67 percent of world hazelnut production, 26 percent of cherry, 27 percent of fig and 23 percent of apricot, ranks first in the production of these products in the world.”

On the other hand varying year-on-year, an average of 500,000 to 750,000 tons of hazelnuts are produced in one year. Between September 2018 and May 2019, Turkey exported 1.4 billion dollars worth of hazelnut and hazelnut products. Having produced 306,000 tons of figs last year, Turkey generated 286 million dollars in foreign currency inflow from the export of this product as both dried and fresh varieties.

Turkey, which achieved 627,000 tons in cherry production and 162 million dollars in exports, stood at around 750,000 to 985,000 tons in apricot production. The country also generated 294 million dollars in revenue from apricot exports.

Meanwhile, Turkey ranks second in quince, poppy seed, melon and watermelon production, third in grapes, lentil, pistachio, chestnut, cherry and cucumber production, and fourth in walnut, olive, apple, tomato, eggplant, spinach and pepper production.

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