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Union of Aegean Exporters’ press release…

Turkey targets $ 1billion in foreign exchange from tomatoes…

In 2018 $ 603 million revenue from tomato exports…

Tomatoes and tomato-derived products, which are used in kitchens in every meal and salad, are among the stars of cheese and olives and one of the great trio of breakfasts.

Turkey earned income in 2018 with the export of tomatoes and tomato-derived products in 603 million 660 thousand dollars of foreign exchange.

Turkey have exported all kinds of tomatoes, fresh, tomato paste, dried, frozen. Fresh tomato exports amounted to $ 292 million, while tomato paste exports became the top partner of $ 164 million. The dried tomato exports from Turkey; He won $ 88 million in foreign exchange. Exports of frozen tomatoes amounted to $ 39.4 million, while exports of ketchup and tomato sauces totaled $ 16.3 million.

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association President Hayrettin Uçak, said in his statement, “Tomato and tomato-derived products in the sector of fresh fruit and vegetables and products that stood at the beginning of exports. But we aim to export $ 1 billion in tomato and derivatives exports.”

Turkey together with developments in greenhouse tomato production and export of 12 months makes the position very advantegous for the sector. “In addition to our exports of fresh tomatoes; tomato derivatives, tomato paste, dried tomatoes, frozen tomatoes, ketchup, tomato sauces and tomato juice as more value-added products are exported” he added.

In 2018, Romania was the country that preferred Turkish tomatoes with an amount of USD 43.7 million, while Russia ranked second with USD 30.6 million and Ukraine ranked third with USD 25.6 million. The number of countries that Turkey exported fresh tomatoes was recorded as 55.

Tomato paste exports to Iraq amount to $ 111 million, Saudi Arabia 8.6 million dollars, Germany $ 8.2 million. Turkish paste was used for cooking at the tables of 103 countries.

In the export of dried tomatoes, the United States was at the summit with an amount of 19.5 million dollars, while Italy was 13.3 million dollars and Germany preferred Turkish dried tomatoes worth $ 9.5 million. The number of countries we export to 86 dried tomatoes.


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