Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said that Turkey broke an all-time record with an increase of 33 percent in fisheries production in a year and reached 837 thousand tons.

Pakdemirli said: “We have set total fisheries production for 2023 as 1 million tons. We take firm steps forward by being aware of this goal and our potential.”

“We have managed to make Turkish salmon and sea bass as world brands”

Pointing out that the fishing season was abundant and fertile last year, Pakdemirli noted, “So much so that our fisheries production reached 837 thousand tons by breaking the record of all times with an increase of 33 percent in 1 year. We have set our total fishery production target as 1 million tons for 2023 and we are aware of our potential, so we are taking firm steps towards this goal.”

Stating that the country has a very strong fishing fleet, Pakdemirli explained, “This fleet has a fishing capacity above what we need for our own seas. In addition to hunting, I would like to state that this production increase has a large share in aquaculture production. Supports provided and coastal investments implemented by our governments. Thanks to these policies, our aquaculture production increased more than 6 times and reached 373 thousand tons in 18 years.”

Expressing that exports continue to break records in addition to fisheries production, Pakdemirli made the following assessment:
“It has exceeded 1 billion dollars in 18 years with an rise of more than 10 times. Thus, we have reached the 2023 export target in 2019. We updated our new target to 2 billion dollars. Hopefully we will achieve this target. We made Turkish salmon and sea bass a brand in the world. We export our products to almost 100 countries, mainly Russia, Japan, USA and EU. This is a great source of pride for us. I hope Turkey’s performance in fisheries will continue to increase as a net exporter of foreign trade.”

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