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Tuncay Sagun: Turkish salmon is stuck in ‘exchange rate’ in exports

Turkish salmon (trout), the production of which has been increasing in Türkiye in recent years, has started to get stuck in the exchange rate in exports. Due to the negative impact of the exchange rate on competitiveness, it also slows down the exports of the aquaculture sector.

Tuncay Sagun

Türkiye is losing its competitiveness especially in the export of Turkish salmon due to high production costs. Sector representatives stated that Turkish salmon is currently purchased from the producer at 3 euros, while it will be purchased at 2.7 euros as of next month. There is a spike in production, but exports are not soaring at the same rate. More than 15 thousand tonnes of Turkish salmon, produced and cleaned last year, are waiting to be exported in cold storage.

”We started to move away from the market”

Ahmet Tuncay Sagun, Vice President of Istanbul Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, stated that the reason for the slow movement of buyers in the market at the point of export of Turkish salmon is due to the change in the ruble/dollar parity.

Turkish salmon

“So we started to move away from the market because of the high cost of production and the state’s lack of full support in this regard,” Sagun said.

Pointing out that there are more than 15 thousand tonnes of cleaned products in cold storages, Sagun added, “Currently, Turkish salmon is kept in stock in warehouses. This stock was not available in previous years. If these conditions continue like this, it will also reduce production. We will return to the figures of 2022 in production. We would be happy if the state takes a hand in this issue and supports government relations.”

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