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Approximately 20 thousand tons of tomatoes produced every year in Iğdır (An Eastern Anatolian province situated on Armenia border) are offered for sale in the provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

Due to its micro climate and geographical conditions, many products can be grown in Iğdır region, as well as other types of vegetables and fruits, tomatoes are produced intensively.

Tomatoes, planted in thousands of decares of fields, attract high demand across Turkey but especially in the eastern provinces.

Iğdır tomato, which attracts attention with its authentetic aroma, meets the needs of many provinces in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, particularly in Ağrı, Kars, Ardahan, Erzurum and Van.

Stating that tomato production increases constantly in the region, Iğdır Agriculture and Forestry Manager Özkan Yolcu said: “The plain where the province is located has very fertile soils. So we are harvesting different products from May to autumn months. Currently harvesting in tomato fields. There is no problem in Iğdır about the agricultural production. Also no problem in the market. We will try to get our producers to earn more revenue.”

“There is a high demand for every product produced in Iğdır”

Yolcu noted that tomatoes meet the needs of the region like many other products produced in Iğdır and concluded:
“This year we have about 20 thousand tons of tomato harvest target. There is an intense demand for every product produced in Iğdır. Our products go to many points in the provinces around us, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia. These regions consume vegetables and fruits of Iğdır during summer time.”

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