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Tolga Saylan: Erkunt Tractor will focus on exports this year

Tolga Saylan, CEO of Erkunt Tractor, said that they exported to England and Germany, which are considered to be the homeland of the tractor.

Tolga Saylan

Tolga Saylan, CEO of Erkunt Tractor, one of Türkiye’s leading manufacturers, stated that they have started to reap the fruits of their consistent investments in design, technology and R&D and said: “We crown our successful sales graph in the domestic market with exports to 35 countries with our export brand ArmaTrac.”


Saylan reminded that Erkunt Traktör started exporting with ArmaTrac brand in 2007 and explained, “We are currently exporting to countries such as England and Germany, the homeland of the tractor. In a way, we can say that we are selling tractor to tractor dealers. We are the market leader in Serbia. In 2018, we achieved a first in the sector and became the first tractor brand from Türkiye to grant a licence to be produced abroad. Erkunt’s licensor Giad, established in Sudan, has become one of the largest production facilities in Africa. Thus, the doors of 19 COMESA countries were opened to Erkunt branded tractors. Erkunt Tractor exports 25 percent of its production to 35 countries in total. In addition, we also successfully carry out the production and sales and marketing activities of Hisarlar Agricultural Machinery, which has been serving Turkish agriculture for more than 38 years in the field of agricultural equipment, which is a complementary product of the tractor, and maintains its feature of being a leading brand exporting to 36 countries.”


Noting that in 2024, they estimate that the domestic market will shrink due to reasons such as inflation and cost increases, Tolga Saylan added, “In the tractor sector, a record was broken in 2023, the highest sales number of the last 50 years was reached and more than 77 thousand tractors were sold. I think there will be a general shrinkage in the tractor sector in 2024 due to the difficulties experienced by farmers in accessing credit. We aim to focus more on exports this year with our international brand ArmaTrac.”

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