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Tolga Şallı, Chairperson of the Environmentalist Energy Association, made a written statement about the renewable energy. Şallı said, “Our country, which has many main resources from agriculture to tourism, from industry to energy, needs to use renewable energy resources in the most effective way in the production stages. While some countries have only a few renewable energy sources, it is possible to produce electricity in all our provinces from wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy sources across Turkiye.”

“With renewable energy, our businesses will reduce production costs and gain a chance to compete in exports”

“Considering that the new economy model is focused on production and exports, it is necessary to encourage more electricity generation from renewable energy, especially in order to reduce the production costs of our industrial facilities, make them independent in energy and increase their competitiveness. Necessary changes were made in the legislation in order to meet self-consumption,” Şallı noted.

Tolga Şallı'dan yerel kaynaklar vurgusu!
Tolga Şallı

“Now, tourism facilities, hospitals, factories can meet the electricity they consume from renewable energy sources. The return on investment is getting shorter day by day and the energy cost, which is one of the biggest input costs of enterprises, can be reduced. At this point, it is important to bring some advantages to businesses that want to invest in renewable energy. For example, tax reductions and incentives should be applied more effectively to companies that will invest in renewable energy or the amount of grants should be increased,” Şallı explained

“Increasing production should be provided with renewable energy”

Pointing out that all international agreements accepted by Turkish parliament, especially the Paris Climate Agreement, require electricity generation from renewable energy sources in the fight against the climate crisis, Şallı added, “In line with the European Union Green Agreement, border carbon regulation and other practices come to the fore. Carbon pricing will be applied for the entry of products that do not comply with the EU climate change policies and do not comply with these policies. Therefore, the rapid establishment of a low-carbon economic system is now a necessity. For this, all elements of the circular economy must be harmonized and our enterprises exporting to the EU must produce electricity from renewable energy sources.”

“As a country, we have the resources to produce everything”

“It is now a necessity for our country, where agricultural diversity and productivity, tourism opportunities and industrial production are high, to produce as much electricity as it consumes from our own renewable energy sources. Studies should be expanded for wind, solar, energy storage, fuel cells and electrification technologies,” Şallı concluded…

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