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Alanya (a district of Antalya province) Avocado Producers’ Association Chairman Hilmi Sevilgen said that they aimed to produce 70 million units avocado across Turkey in 2020.

Hilmi Sevilgen said, “We will achieve the desired yield in avocados while the weather conditions might be as we wish.”

Pointing out that they exceeded their harvest expectation of around 50 million last year, Sevilgen stated that the demand for avocados is also reflected in the increase of production.

The target is 70 million pieces of production…

Explaining that the cultivated area in Alanya has increased to 45 thousand hectares this year, Sevilgen noted, “Our target for this year is 70 million avocados production.”

Emphasizing that Alanya region meets more than 70 percent of the avocado production, Sevilgen added, “We want to continue to avocado production throughout the year.”

“We will catch 15 million easily”

Indicating that avocado exports are made in the sixth and the seventh months in Turkey, Sevilgen concluded, “We have exported to some countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Russia in the past years. We will export to these countries again. In addition, our negotiations with a few countries from Europe are continuing. I estimate that 5-6 different countries will be added to the countries we export this year. Last year, we exported around 10 million units. This year we will catch 15 million easily.”

Mehmet Zeybek, who has been producing avocados for 20 years in Alanya district, expressed his satisfaction with the price of the avocados they produce on 10 decares of land.

Noting that prices are getting better in avocados, Zeybek said, “Avocados are now grown wherever possible in Alanya. I hope it will be better. We will expand the area of ​​avocado production.”

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