President of Packaged Milk and Dairy Industrialists’ Association (ASÜD) Harun Çallı said that EU is one of the important markets for Turkish dairy industry.

Çallı said, “We have raised the target in EU as well as in China. The number of companies that got confirmation of exporting dairy products to EU countries has reached 25. Thus Turkey’s milk and dairy products sector will take place on the EU market more than previously.”

Stating that 361 million dollars of milk and dairy products were exported to 111 countries last year, Çallı noted, “45 percent of this was cheese, 23 percent was milk powder, 11 percent was whey powder, 9 percent was ice cream, 6 percent was milk and cream and the rest was made up of other products.”

Çallı explained that the EU Export Project initiated by ASÜD in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been concluded and added, “We are in a constant effort to increase our milk and dairy exports. Last month, the export of dairy products to China was opened. EU is one of the important markets for the milk and dairy products sector. As the sector, we have increased the target in the EU as well as in China. The number of firms that have received export approval has reached 25. We closely follow the ones at the application and review stage and aim to have 30 companies.”

Turkey ranks third in cow milk production…

Pointing out that in terms of the amount of cow’s milk production in the EU, Turkey ranks third place, Çallı said, “As well as in EU countries, the majority of cow’s milk produced in Turkey should be processed.”

Emphasizing that milk yield per animal increases with the improvement of care and nutritional conditions, Çallı concluded:

“The number of animals being milked is increasing every year. 67 percent of the dairy cattle farms in our country are still under 10. At this point, it is important to support farms with a capacity of at least 40-50 heads, free from disease, as in the EU. Public sector guidance and support are needed to increase the number of disease-free enterprises. This will make the effect and the milk produced by our farmer will find its true value.”

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