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“Tangerine is the leader of citrus exports, orange is the record holder of export surge”

Türkiye’s citrus exports rose 16 percent in January-April when compared to the year earlier to reach 475 million dollars, according to a head of a local exporters association on Sunday, with shipments to one of the top markets, Iraq jumping nearly 400 percent in the same period.


“In 2023, our exports of citrus products soared by 23 percent, from 903 million to 1.1 billion dollars. We succeeded in passing the 1 billion dollars threshold in citrus product exports for the first time in 2023,” said Hayrettin Uçak, the Chair of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association (EYMSİB).

Pointing out that they aim to lift this figure to 1.3 billion dollars this year, Uçak noted, “Russia was the largest market for Turkish citrus growers in the first four months, preserving its top spot, with exports to this country standing at 148 million dollars.”

Iraq came in second at 90.2 million dollars, marking a staggering 399 percent spike.

Moreover, Türkiye’s citrus exports to Ukraine and Poland were realized at 45.5 million and 23.4 million dollars, respectively, while citrus shipments to Romania generated 22 million dollars in revenues, according to Uçak.

The share of tangerine in total citrus exports was recorded at 49 percent, or 233.5 million percent, in the first four months of 2024. The outbound shipments of tangerines to Russia totaled 98 million dollars, while this figure was recorded at 32 million dollars for Iraq, respectively.


While Türkiye exported tangerines worth 4.3 million dollars to Iraq in the January-April period of 2023, it managed to lift this figure to 32 million dollars in the same period of 2024, with a record hike of 659 percent.

Lemon exports to Iraq, on the other hand, surged 181 percent year-over-year to 33.4 million dollars, while orange exports to this country shot up, rising more than 1,300 percent to 23.3 million dollars in the January-April period.

Tangerine shipments to Ukraine and Poland generated 24 million dollars and 10.2 million dollars in export revenues, respectively, while Serbia imported 10 million dollars worth of tangerine…

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