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Talks are underway to find ways to help farmers pay their bills for the electricity they use for irrigation purposes to prevent a possible disruption to agricultural production.

Besides the electricity bills of farmers, authorities are working to address the issues such as subsiding agricultural inputs and rising prices.

The talks on the bills are currently focusing on the formula which would allow farmers to pay the bills after harvest.

Talks underway on farmers’ electricity bills

A meeting with electricity distribution companies was held where the issue of billing farmers in six-month periods was raised. In return, companies demanded that if the billing period changes, then interest should be charged.

Authorities are also considering and discussing other options, such as reducing the electricity prices for the agriculture sector and providing more product support. However, progress has been made on work regarding billing farmers after the harvest, while other issues have been put on hold for the time being.

People from the non-governmental organizations, which represent farmers, held talks with officials from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and convened growers’ demands and complaints regarding the rising costs of inputs used in the agriculture industry.

Talks with energy companies were coordinated by the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry. The idea of farmers paying their bills in May and August and firms charging interest were floated in those meetings.

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