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Sustainable oils to be produced from bakery waste!

With a partnership agreement between UK-based Clean Food Group and Roberts Bakery, waste products will be transformed into oils that can be used in other products using fermentation technology.

Clean Food Group, a biotechnology company, will use Roberts Bakery’s production waste as raw material for its proprietary fermentation technology and produce oil components.

Bread waste…

Food waste is an important problem in bakery as in many other sectors. In fact, it is one of the biggest food waste topics in our country. According to the UNEP 2021 report, it is estimated that 4.9 million loaves of bread are wasted daily in Türkiye.

This level of food waste also leads to significant greenhouse gas emissions and thus a climate problem. Professor Chris Chuck, Co-Founder of the Clean Food Group, told FoodNavigator, “Wheat, the main raw material for many breads, has a significant greenhouse footprint due to the significant amount of fertilizer and farming practices needed as part of the production process. Producing more bread than is needed leads to excessive fertilizer use. In addition, the disposal of bread at any stage of the process results in higher amounts of methane gas as a result of the food decomposing in landfills.”

Dr. Chris Chuck

Through a partnership between the two companies, Clean Food Group aims to utilize the waste provided by Roberts Bakery and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

“By keeping waste bread out of landfills, we will ensure that less methane gas is produced. This technology also allows us to produce more food crops more efficiently without an increase in land use. It allows us to get more edible crops per hectare of wheat grown,” he added…

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