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With lavenders planted on the Treasury lands by the Suruç (a district of Şanlıurfa province) Municipality appointed by the Ministry of Interior, both employment and income will be provided to those in need in the district.

According to the statement made by the District Municipality, the first step has been taken within the scope of the “Suruç to Smell Lavender Project”.

For this, 8 thousand decares of stony and rocky area belonging to the Treasury, located within the boundaries of the 11 Nisan Quarter, was made suitable for planting after a feverish work with the help of construction equipment by the municipal teams. Suruç District Governor and Deputy Mayor Kenan Aktaş brought the first seedlings to the soil in the lavender garden that was created. Aktaş gave the first water to the first seedlings with the students in the planting with intense participation. The lavender garden will be grown more than twice.

Making an assessment about the project, Aktaş stated that the lavender garden was built in Suruç district for the first time in the region. Emphasizing that lavender can be used in many sectors, Aktaş said, “In the following period, we will create a new investment area that provides economic value to the region by increasing the area to 17,470 decares in the lavender garden. We will contribute to the employment of our citizens who work outside the district as seasonal workers, especially women and young girls who work in daily jobs.”

“Financial support will also be provided to our women living in the district, who do not bring bread to their homes and our poor students and disabled people. In addition to these widely grown products in the district, the cultivation of crops such as lavender and thyme will cause the product pattern of the district being changed and the creation of alternative livelihoods,” Aktaş added…

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